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Bat Mitigation​


Certain activities affecting bats or their roosts require  a licence by Natural England, and in such instances where a mitigation licence has been approved CHMS can assist your project in the completion of all types of bat mitigation works. Our experienced bat licence ecologists will work with you to help ensure your project can proceed in a manner that complies with legal obligations and minimises disturbance to bats and their habitats.

Once the surveys have been completed and if bats our present CHMS can provide mitigation strategies and advice, which is required as part of an application for a bat mitigation licence, which may include the following:


  • Retention of bat roosts and foraging and commuting habitats,

  • Design modifications to building plans,

  • Advice on timing of works to minimise disturbance,

  • Provision of new habitats and roosts such as the erection of bat boxes.


Mitigation strategies also may be required when an EPSM licence is not necessary. For example, to mitigate the adverse effects arising from a proposal where commuting routes used by bats would be fragmented or where a nearby roost or foraging habitat would be disturbed owing to additional lighting.


Effective mitigation measures vary from being as simple as timing the works to avoid sensitive periods, to being more detailed and holistic for complex projects involving liaison with different disciplines and contractors.