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Ecological packages
Habitat Surveys & Envirornmental Assessments


Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and Preliminary Environmental Assessments are the most common ecological surveys conducted by CHMS Ltd. They can clearly identify habitats on site and give an indication of the suitability of those habitats to support any protected species.


These surveys provide valuable information to support planning applications. They can identify potential habitats for protected species, and any constraints that might impact on a project – all of which can help avoid costly delays later.


CHMS Ltd can provide a full range of habitat and vegetation surveys including the following and are shown more in depth below:


Phase 1 habitat surveys

National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys

Invasive plant surveys

Habitat & Ecological Management Plans


CHMS offer a financially viable complete ecological packages from consultancy to mitigation works including clerks of works. We employee experienced consultants and ecological operatives to oversee all ecological works. For further details please contact to discuss further.

Phase 1 & Extended Phase 1 Survey


Phase 1 habitat survey is a botanical survey which often acts as the basic starting point for a full ecological assessment of a site. During the survey, both natural and semi-natural habitats are mapped, and the presence of various plant species within each is recorded. This survey is the first step toward understanding the ecology of a site, and how it will be affected by a development. If an extended Phase 1 survey is undertaken then notes on protected animal species are also made, and the results from this survey may highlight the need to carry out further species-specific studies in order to fully inform a planning application.



NVC (National Vegetation Classification)

The NVC is a system of mapping habitat, using a set of defined categories of vegetation types found in the UK. The application of this system can provide a detailed assessment of an area of ground, and help for example in micro-siting within developments such as wind turbine bases. The information gained from an NVC survey can also act as a framework for the development of habitat restoration and/or management plans.



Invasive Species



Invasive Plant Surveys

CHMS  has experience of surveying for invasive species such as Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed which may be required prior to works starting on a site. We can inform you if you have any invasive species on your site and advise you on how to progress.



Habitat and Ecological Management Plans

Can create habitat or ecological management plans for your tailored to your requirements. Sometimes this may be necessary if you have a planning condition which states to retain and manage certain ecological features after development has been completed. A habitat or ecological management plan can be created to satisfy BREEAM requirements.